Dollhouses as history, and therapy

Is a doll house simply a small world, a plaything to be outgrown over time? Not for the woman Chip Reid is taking us to visit: “Every day a little bit, I play,” said Dr. Ruth Westheimer. “What do you do?” asked Reid. “I just move them around.” Article source

St. Paul’s Chapel: Witness to history

One Inaugural tradition had its start more than 200 years ago in the city that was our nation’s first capital. Mo Rocca takes us to the lower Manhattan church that’s a witness to history: New York City, April 1789 — the inaugural Inaugural. General George Washington takes the oath of office as the first President…

The MLK History Forgot

In January 1966, Martin Luther King Jr.—founding president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Nobel laureate and the nation’s most prominent civil rights activist—moved his family into a squalid tenement apartment in one of Chicago’s economically barren ghetto neighborhoods. Article source